About Coach Bonds

Not many people can proclaim being born to serve people, but that’s exactly the destiny pre-ordained for Coach James Bonds. After many years of working in Senior management level positions for companies such as Sam’s Club, Best Buy, PepBoys, CompUSA and luxury auto dealers, Coach Bonds discovered that his greatest joy as a manager came from developing and inspiring his staff to reach their goals, both personally & professionally.   In 2008, James made the decision to dedicate his life’s work towards bringing out success in others.  With the completion of the John C Maxwell independent certified Coaching and Speaking program in August of 2014, Coach Bonds has positioned himself to fully implement his gift and purpose of serving others.
Coach Bonds is a husband, a father and a grandfather of two.  He is married to Nechell Bonds and currently resides in Springfield, MO. He is a past Toastmaster VPPR  elected 3 years in a row.
As founder and CEO, Coach Bonds launched Well Driven Life.com, an online environment for people to experience engaging, honest and un-biased life changing and motivational content.  Having Coach Bonds as a life coach is a highly personal experience; he shares his own life’s lessons, and toolbox of resources, to help his clients realize their potential and to live in their purpose.
Living a Well Driven Life is making the commitment to adopt a lifestyle that leads to health and wellness in every area of life.  Coach Bonds’ approach to life performance coaching is a two way process designed to directly impact the choices that most affect a person’s personal and professional outcomes.  From CEO to Secretary or recent college graduate, Coach James Bonds believes that life performance coaching is a benefit to all.